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Hello - I'm Dusti, of Dusti J Design, located in San Antonio, Texas.  I seek to create beautiful, personal, organized, and functional spaces.  By making your home reflective of you and your lifestyle, you can be inspired to live your best by focusing on what is most important.

  • Owning our first home with a yard, my desire to “get the paint colors right,” and failing, is what propelled me into a world of color and design training I did not even know existed and now…

  • I am a Certified True Color Expert, and I love bringing beauty into a home through thoughtful coordinating paint colors, eliminating the guesswork, hours of research, and doubts

  • With three growing girls, I understand the transitions that happen in a home and the need for our homes to change along with us

  • I am very organized and friends often call me a minimalist - being intentional and purposeful with what we own

  • I was raised around contractors and construction projects, as both sides of my family built and remodeled homes and buildings across the country

  • In practicing in-home family and marriage counseling, I recognized the significance of knowing your story and desires, to create a home that is personal and meaningful

  • I have been designing for friends and family for years, building a foundation on classic and timeless finishes, while infusing spaces with personality, creativity, and fun

  • As a child, I would dream about how to redesign industrial spaces into incredible homes - I have always been wired for this

  • I love to paint abstract art, and recognize the balance in a piece of artwork, which translates into the ability to bring balance in crafting a cohesive home

  • Being married to an estimator, I understand a tight budget, and the importance of not making unnecessary mistakes costing time, $$$, and energy  

  • I believe you deserve to have a home that functions for you and your best, being a place of beauty and purpose, rest and connection



Paint Color Consultation

We've all been have an idea of what paint color you want, but staring at the sea of paint chips, it only confirms your uncertainty of what would actually be the best choice for your open-concept home, or your master bathroom, or your kitchen cabinet refresh, or your trim work...

You can look online to see what popular designers are painting their spaces, but their space, isn't your space,

and this is where I come in.

With my experience and professional color training, color consultation eliminates the guesswork.  I come to your home and help determine the best paint options for your home based on your desires and current finishes.  You will receive a recommendation of a couple paint colors for a single room. 

If you desire a paint color recommendation for an open concept space, you will receive one to two paint color options for use in the desired areas.

Contact for pricing.

Color Consultation:

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color

One Room Paint Color

Open Concept Paint Color

Trim Paint Color

Ceiling Color

Exterior Color





Design Services

You are ready for change.  Maybe you just purchased a home and have inherited red shag carpet, velvet and gold textured wallpaper, and mirrored ceilings (I couldn't have made that one up).  Or maybe you just want a change, but have no idea where to start.  Whether it is a complete renovation or redesigning a space in your home, my design service considers it a privilege to make your home more accurately reflect you.  I offer two design services to best meet your needs. 


Modified Luxury Design Service

Luxury Design Service

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"Dusti is a gem! My husband and I purchased our first home and wanted to make it our own. She helped in several areas of our home to include the kitchen and master bathroom. She helped us with flooring, paint color, and tile. Overall her help greatly decreased my stress with design decisions and created for us a timeless look that we absolutely love. She also helped with staging our house prior to reselling. I would highly recommend Dusti J Design!"

~ Shannon E.

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